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Transcultural Mentoring Coaching (Well-Being) Hub


1. To address the lack of coaching opportunities for BAME Coaches within a supportive mentoring and educational environment that develops their ability to work across the diversity areas of race, gender, disability and sexuality.
2. To support BAME coaches from an audit of current data: Coach, Bursaries, Licensing, FA county targets and FA National targets to improve their skills in relation to the FA coaching competencies in relation to the England DNA.
3. To offer workshops, forums and CPD sessions based on the needs of registered BACA members to access all FA opportunities and to increase their understanding of the Professional Game.

Trans-Cultural Hub: Pilot.

Partners: FA Mentoring – Kick it out – Professional Footballers Association – Surrey FA – Crystal Palace FC.

1. Open referrals from above agencies and registered BACA members working towards the FA Club Licensing to obtain coach mentoring and coach educational (cluster) support – Tues-Thurs or Fri -10-11am – Start Thursday 14th January 2016.
2. Monthly CPD sessions with leading specialists in the areas of coaching, mentoring, equality and diversity.
3. Two observational visits to Crystal Palace FC with Manager Alan Pardew – Feb 2016 – May 2016.
4. Developmental forum for Female Coaches aspiring towards Tutor Training, UEFA B and UEFA A.
5. Set up and deliver a Trans-cultural Coaching and mentoring accredited Level 1 program for coaches working in the transition from Grassroots to the Professional Game.

CPD Transcultural Grassroots and Professional Club links sessions.

1. Open to all coaches (BAME) from Level 1 upwards and registered BACA members working towards the FA Club Licensing in preparation to working up the FA Coach pathways and to obtain FA County and National FA bursaries, work experience and jobs.
2. To link coaches into existing FA opportunities – Mentoring – Funding – Tutoring specific focus on women.
3. To develop a better understanding of Professional club coaching to improve the quality of coaching at Grassroots with a focus on –Crystal QPR – Chelsea – Tottenham