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16 – 19 Schools and Colleges Partnership

Football Coaching Academy aims to provide a professional coaching service to schools, colleges and football clubs. Within this main aim FCA provides a number of football education programmes to suit the particular requirements of the school or football club.

  • To facilitate a full time education programme in partnership with various stakeholders.
  • To deliver all aspects of a coaching to clubs and colleges.
  • To offer teacher training and education in football coaching to schools and clubs.
  • To provide the resources, expertise and support to develop a structured coaching programme.
  • FCA company currently works with Crystal Palace FC within the Croydon and Bromley area. We also deliver a partnership programme between a private education provider and Margate FC.

In the past we have also help to set up programmes for maidstone united fc and for welling united fc where we also run the programme for five year period. Our staff have experience in most aspects of football development. From Primary through to secondary schools and from non league to professional game.

The main focus for FCA is to work with the 16-19 age range in order to offer a full time football opportunity to students who are of an advanced ability level. This opportunity allows the student to continue their development into senior men’s football. Through our contacts in both non league and the professional game we are able to offer a number of routes and suitable levels into men”s football.

In addition, our programmes give the student the possibility to recognise that through hard work and the transferable skills within football, (organization, discipline, teamwork, personal technical development, tactical game understanding), can also be applied to their academic studies. The work ethic to be a successful footballer and how that relates to education is a key aspect of our coaching and one which FCA is fully committed toward.

The Partnership model
School/ college – The school delivers the education and qualifications. A Levels, Btec.
FCA – all the coaching and games programme and assists school where necessary.

As a company we want to create a partnership with the school that that allows us to grow and develop and to share ideas and practices. The students and the education we deliver is at the centre of what we want to achieve and so we would support the learning process wherever and whenever required by the school.

The school partnership would mean we could consolidate our programme and know that standards of education and success rates would be high. That student support that the school could offer would combine with our coaching programme and provide the necessary resources to create a positive and successful leaning environment.

Rob Quinn and Keith Levett have run a successful palace development programe for the last four years. We work in direct partnership with crystal palace and are based next to the u21 and first team training ground.

The boys are in a full time football and education programe (BTEC level 3 in sport) and play in the conference youth alliance league and two additional college leagues. The coaching is all done by qualified coached with B or A licence.

If boys develop we arrange trials and give them opportunities into the non league and professional game. Obviously this depends on how they develop as footballers during the two year programme and we certainly can’t make promises with outcomes.

We develop the player for football and for life skills.

If you would like to know more please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

I would conclude by saying that as coaches we look forward to work with bright and enthusiastic learners. The school partnership creates an ideal environment where coaching becomes an enjoyable positive experience for both coach and student.